Movie Lovers Everywhere Rejoice As MoviePass Slowly Rises From The Dead

A lot of horrible things have happened in the last few years, but MoviePass shutting down its operations in 2019 was surely a dark day for movie lovers everywhere. Sure, there were some good memes about the end, but at what cost? Then, the pandemic happened and it seemed like MoviePass, and going to the movies in general, was gone forever. Until now.

Insider reports that the movie ticket subscription service will have a triumphant return and launch a beta version on Labor Day, September 5th. In order to join the service, prospective users are required to sign up on the waitlist before launch. The price will depend on different variables like location, but the service will have various price tiers, ranging from $10 to $30 a month.

Late last year, the company was bought back by cofounder Stacy Spikes after its parent company went bankrupt. Spikes has been working on bringing back the popular service for some time, which now has partnerships with 25% of movie theaters in the US.

Perhaps the most jarring change in the company is the fact that they are doing away with the iconic red card and replacing it with a sleek, slightly cult-like black card. Hopefully, the company will stick around this time.

(Via Insider)