The Funniest Twitter Reactions To The 2017 Oscars

The 2017 Oscars just wrapped up (full winners list here). Were you watching every moment, perhaps getting insanely blitzed thanks to a drinking game? If so, you may not have been watching Twitter make jokes about celebrities reading mean tweets or Ryan Gosling inspiring a new meme or Hailee Steinfeld jokingly trying to steal an unaccompanied Oscar statuette or Matt Damon’s feud with Kimmel or all of those musical performances.

And Twitter even reacted amusingly to the inspiring moments, like Viola Davis and Mahershala Ali‘s speeches upon winning their first (and hopefully not last) Oscars. (We will, of course, have a separate reactions post to that insane Moonlight development.)

It started with people picking their favorite outfits during the pre-show:

Then things got rolling, and people noticed things sometimes look like other things:

La La Land surprisingly didn’t sweep this thing, leading to tweets like this earlier in the night:

And everyone made a variation of the joke that Viola Davis’ Oscar acceptance speech should win an Oscar next year, but only one guy thought of this brilliance *kisses fingertips*:

And some people got tired of all the jokes about difficulties pronouncing nominees’ names:

And people got salty about white actors playing Asian characters or white saviors:

But most saved their salt (or their perhaps-ironic cheering) for Suicide Squad — sorry, Academy Award-Winning Film Suicide Squad™ — getting more Oscars than so many things.

People seemed surprised when Hacksaw Ridge won the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing:

But not as surprised as these tourists were:

And when Denzel didn’t win, some people were not here for that:

And John Legend’s excellent La La Land medley didn’t go unnoticed:

And the rest: