Quentin Tarantino Started His Son’s Cinematic Journey With ‘Despicable Me 2’

You start with the classics if you want a firm foundation for cinema appreciation, and you only get one first film. That’s why Quentin Tarantino accidentally watched Despicable Me 2 in 15-minute chunks with his 2-year-old son Leo. Empire recently dug deep into the pulp auteur’s son’s favorites and uncovered that Tarantino is just like us.

“[My son is] pretty young, so he’s only really seen one movie,” Tarantino said. “I thought I was hitting a Minions cartoon, and I realize it’s Despicable Me Part 2. And he seemed to be interested in the opening credits, so I go, ‘Okay, I guess we’re watching Despicable Me Part 2. He gets up and he walks behind the couch, but he’s still watching the TV. We watched it for 20 minutes, until it was time for him to go to the park, and then the next day we watched another 15 minutes of it. And so, in the course of a week, in small bites, the first movie Leo ever watched was Despicable Me Part 2.”

But what did he think about it??

All the obvious jokes here are obvious, and, let’s be honest, if Tarantino’s son’s first movie were anything from his father’s oeuvre this would be a very different news story.

To further prove he’s just like every other dad trying to make it in the modern era, Tarantino said he watches a ton of Peppa Pig with Leo and likes it a lot. Calling it “the greatest British export of the decade” feels like an exaggeration, but it’s definitely a kid magnet. However, the fact that Tarantino still watches a lot of it probably means he’s never heard of Bluey. Get with the times, old man. It’s the greatest Australian export of the decade.

(via Empire)