Roland Emmerich Is Going To Make The Moon Crash Into The Earth In ‘Moonfall’


Roland Emmerich‘s latest “Oh no! Bad things!” motion picture Independence Day: Resurgence is making its debut in theaters this week, but let’s get to the stuff he’s up to next, shall we? Namely, a freshly announced deal with Universal for another sci-fi cinematic offering.

Deadline reports that the German director has sorted out a pact that will see him direct Moonfall. What is Moonfall? Excellent question! (Thanks for playing along.) It’s a spec script that Emmerich co-wrote with Harald Kloser and Spencer Cohen and cost Universal seven figures. Here’s how Deadline sums up what the script provides:

This one is best described as Emmerich’s 2012 mashed together with Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, following an unlikely band of misfits who must unite to save humanity when the moon falls out of orbit and hurtles towards earth.

Thank goodness there was an unlikely band of misfits available! They’re pretty great at solving our problems and a big-ass moon dropping on us would suuuuuuuuck. What would become of our Taco Bells? They’d be incredibly inconvenienced at the very least.

Elsewhere in Emmerich talk, ID4 2 is projected to rack up a $40 million plus box office haul this weekend. It’s not enough to topple Finding Dory (what is?), but as Deadline notes, the Independence Day sequel (which is without Will Smith) is likely to pull in a lot of money from markets outside North America. So if Emmerich drops a moon on the American Midwest rather than China or the U.K., you should be able to sort out why.

(Via Deadline)