A ‘Spider-Man’ Cosplayer Is Using His Self-Isolation Time To Sling Webs And Boost Spirits

With the novel coronavirus shutting down tentpole movies and postponing production on comic-book TV shows, nerds must resort to streaming services for repeat fixes of what they’ve already seen while movie theaters shutter. That doesn’t quite match up to seeing what’s to come in the MCU’s Phase 4 since Black Widow‘s release has been postponed (likely until November’s The Eternals slot), but is there a way to get a fresh Marvel fix in the meantime? One Spider-Man fan in Toronto, Ontario is getting things done, sort-of. He’s spinning rooftop webs to pass those long stretches of self-isolation time.

Toronto morning show host Brandon Gonez tweeted the evidence of this Spider-Man spotting outside a Best Istanbul eatery in the Kensington Market neighborhood. Spidey is social distancing pretty well, although we can’t say the same for those who are passing beneath his web.

Regardless of what else is happening during this video (and no one appears to be surprised at all to see a costumed guy weaving ropes for fun), this little boost has made a few people’s days, at least.

Ontario has only just witnessed its second death from coronavirus in a case that’s suspected to have been local transmission. At least 250 active cases have been reported, and that number’s expected to grow, of course. Spider-Man doing his thing, and doing it safely, will hopefully help people push through these next weeks and months before humanity can control the rapidly spreading disease.