Steve-O Revealed The ‘Iconic’ Stunt That Led To The ‘Most Horrific Five Days Of My Life’

Steve-O is the working man’s Tom Cruise. The Jackass legend puts his life — and his balls — on the line for our entertainment. There was the time he snorted wasabi, and wore a jellyfish as a hat, and the “Poo Cocktail Supreme,” which hopefully speaks for itself. I would rather not describe it, thank you. It’s been “a life of terrible decisions,” Steve-O told Yahoo! Entertainment to promote his new book, A Hard Kick in the Nuts, including a 2017 stunt that led to the “most horrific five days of my life.”

“The time when I laid down in a bit of rocket engine fuel and had to have skin graft surgery on 15 percent of my body… That story was so epic that footage is so, like, I like to think iconic,” the now-sober Steve-O said. “My overdeveloped need for attention outweighs my desire for comfort. I didn’t go to the hospital for five days and it was the most horrific five days of my life.” But, he added, “I absolutely don’t regret that.”

Steve-O does have some regrets, however. “Wasting first responders time, those are gonna be the stunts I regret,” he said.

A Hard Kick in the Nuts (which has a great book cover) is available now.

(Via Yahoo! Entertainment)