Seeing A Stuntwoman Get Real About The ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ Highway Scene Is Pretty Cool

During this time of self-isolation, lots of folks are turning to Disney+ for streaming adventures. The selection there is huge, but one awe-inspiring selection would be Captain America: Winter Soldier. In particular, that movie’s highway battle scene seemed almost impossible to execute while watching from inside a theater, and as it turns out, the Corridor Crew is pretty impressed by what went down. Especially when Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, and Sam Wilson went sliding down a highway atop a car door, right? That seemed risky but worth breaking down into some bite-sized pieces.

Hosts Niko and Clint recently sat down with stuntwoman Amy Johnston, who doubled for Scarlett Johansson, to dig into this highway scene. She went through the whole process, including how she endured plentiful on-location stuntwork, which physically involved skidding down that bridge, not too far behind a tumbling car. As for the green-screen aspect of this scene, Amy explained how that worked, including how she was bundled up with the real Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie’s stuntdouble, Aaron Toney.

Via Marvel Studios/Corridor Crew on YouTube
Via Marvel Studios/Corridor Crew on YouTube

The entire video is worth watching, especially the first few minutes that focus on Winter Soldier. Amy gets real about what it’s like to run in heels, and she talks about how Aaron went rolling across the highway with barely any protection on his arms. Movie magic isn’t always magical, it seems, but the results here were (hopefully) worth those scrapes.