Taika Waititi Reveals How A Taylor Swift Meme Inspired One Of The Weirdest Moments Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

Warning: Some goat-related spoilers from Thor: Love And Thunder ahead.

One of the most ridiculous moments of the already ridiculous Thor: Love And Thunder is a bunch of giant goats coming in to save the day while letting out the most annoying scream to ever come out of a living being. Of course, it was…a choice to have that be a recurring joke in the movie, one director and star Taika Waititi attributes to the one and only Taylor Swift.

In an interview with Insider, Waititi revealed that the goats were originally cute and quiet, though after seeing the infamous viral video of Swift’s “Trouble” video overlayed with some screaming goats, the choice became clear.

“They were never meant to be screaming. The goats were always going to be in there because they are in the comics, but we didn’t know how they would sound,” Waititi explained. “Then someone in post-production found this meme of a Taylor Swift song that has screaming goats in it. I didn’t even know that existed. So I hear the screaming goats and I just felt it was awesome. A lot of people think it’s me screaming. It’s not.”

Thor Goats
Marvel Studios

Waititi continued that they found the concept funny enough to keep it in the final cut. “I think one of the vendors that was making the CG goats, they just added the Taylor Swift song ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ but the fan-made one with the goat sounds, and we just thought it was so funny. So it was just a shot of how the CG creatures were coming along, it wasn’t meant for the film or anything, it was just an update. And the screams were freakin’ awesome.” Well it was literal trouble when they walked in, so it worked out well!

(Via Insider)