Here’s How ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended enlisted their fans to help rewrite The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to suck less. I’ve already said my piece about this film’s suckiness (haters gonna hate), but it’s nice to see other people were annoyed by many of the same things, and enough so to create an animation from it.

The parody is filled with satisfying slams on the obvious foreshadowing, Rhino getting what he deserves for showing his face, and a reference to the deleted scene with Parker’s dad. My second favorite part was the scene between the Norman and Harry Osborn, which may be funnier in the video than it is in print, but I’m transcribing it anyway:

“Retroviral Hyperplasia. I never told you… it’s genetic.”

“You’ve known that all this time, and you pick now to tell me?”

“You think I care about you? Look at my fingernails. My skin is peeling off like a goblin.”

“Gross. You know what? I’m not even going to overreact to this. You lived a long life, plus we have, like, tons of money.”

“Goblin disease! It’s coming for you.”

“You’re really weird, dad.”

“I hate you son, here have my life’s work.”

I said that was my second favorite part. And my favorite? Electro realizing we’ll see him when he’s a star in the dubstep scene.

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Via How It Should Have Ended