Netflix’s ‘The Takedown’ Trailer Features The Car Chase To End All Car Chases

Netflix‘s newest action-thriller features an unlikely cop duo teaming up to chase some bad guys, as chaos undoubtedly ensues. The Takedown is the latest film by director Loius Leterrier, known for Lupin and the incredible (depending on who you ask) thriller, Now You See Me.

The Takedown features Omar Sy and Laurent Lafitte as two former cop partners who drifted over time, leading them to have very different policing styles. They team up for a rollercoaster investigation that takes them all the way up the French Alps (while wearing a seatbelt, of course). What started as a basic drug deal turns out to be a thrilling criminal case, wrapped in danger and complete with some unexpected comedy and banter between the two former friends.

Sy also stars in Leterrier’s hit Netflix crime series Lupin, and his performance garnered a Golden Globe nomination. He is also starring in the upcoming Jurrasic World installment, Jurrasic Worl Domination. Lafitte is known for his various roles in French cinema, including the thriller Elle and Boomerang. Sy and Lafitte are also slated to star alongside each other in the upcoming action-comedy, Tower of Strength.

The Takedown drops on April 7th on Netflix. Check out the trailer above.