Tom Cruise And Christopher McQuarrie Are Reportedly ‘Fixated’ On Making More Les Grossman (And A Musical) Happen

After lighting the box office on fire with Top Gun: Maverick, and delivering a much-needed win to theaters, Tom Cruise can pretty much do whatever he wants now, and apparently, what he wants to do is more Les Grossman. As Cruise and writer/director Christopher McQuarrie get ready to bring the Mission: Impossible franchise in for a landing, the duo are reportedly hard at work on the next phase in Cruise’s career. They’ve narrowed the sights down to three targets, and one of them involves Cruise returning to his fan-favorite comedy role from 2008’s Tropic Thunder.

Oh, and also, he’d kind of like to do another musical. Via Deadline:

One is an original song and dance-style musical they’ll craft as a star vehicle for Cruise. They are also setting up another original action film with franchise potential, and they are also fixated on Les Grossman. The latter is the gruff, dance-happy studio executive Cruise played in cameo for Tropic Thunder. It’s unclear if they will create a whole movie around Grossman, or borrow him for inclusion in either of the other vehicles.

Even though the film is over 14 years old, Cruise has repeatedly talked about getting into the Les Grossman prosthetics again. In fact, he got his wish a few years back when he busted out his old dance moves for Conan O’Brien at Comic-Con 2019. Sure, Cruise loves riding motorcycles off of cliffs and jumping out of helicopters, but it really seems like the guy’s true passion is wearing a fat suit while dancing to Ludacris. Who are we to stop him?

(Via Deadline)