Tom Cruise Jumped Off A Cliff While Filming ‘Mission: Impossible’ But Not Before Complimenting A Random Couple’s Dog

Picture it, if you will. You, your partner, and your dog are taking a hike through a mountain in England when you suddenly hear a noise. It’s something in the sky, and it’s getting closer and closer. It’s… it’s a helicopter! But it’s not just any helicopter breaking up the silence at the summit of High Crag. It’s a helicopter containing one of the world’s most famous actors, Tom Cruise, who hops out of the chopper, apologizes for disturbing your hike, compliments your dog, and then proceeds to jump off a cliff.

This is what happened to Sarah and Jason Haygarth, who discussed their encounter with Cruise with The Sun. “Sorry for disturbing your peaceful walk with all the noise — I like your dog,” they said the highly-paid Top Gun: Maverick star told them. Sarah replied, “Are you really going to jump off there?” Cruise nodded, smiled, and yelled back, “See you later, folks.” He was “as cool as a cucumber,” Sarah confirmed.

Cruise was filming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two at the time, although I assume this (“this” meaning “jumping off a cliff and paragliding away”) is something he does for fun even when the cameras aren’t rolling. You can see the pics here, but if you, dear reader, have any equally eventful stories about meeting Tom Cruise, like the time you peed next to him at a Dave & Buster’s in Phoenix, please let me know.


(Via The Sun)