Tom Cruise Leaves Some Fans Wanting More With The ‘Top Gun’ Sequel’s Official Title

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06.03.17 10 Comments

The news about the Top Gun sequel went into high gear once the film was officially confirmed by Tom Cruise. There had been rumblings for the longest time about a sequel to the 80s classic — or cult classic as some want to incorrectly point out. Val Kilmer apparently wants in as Iceman, Cruise seems ready to return as Maverick, and the film has a director that has some history with the leading man.

It also has an official title now according to Cruise, though it is a little disappointing for those who might’ve been looking for something a little more dangerous. While chatting with Access Hollywood during promotion for The Mummy, Cruise revealed some details about the new film and the direction it will take. The star promised a lot of the familiar beats from the original before dropping the title of the film:

“It’s called ‘Top Gun: Maverick. I didn’t want a number…You don’t need a number.”

This kinda fits in with the more recent naming patterns within Cruise’s other sequel-laden series, Mission: Impossible. Where those movies definitely started down the number wrote, the subtitle soon came to take over in the last two installments. It also seems to be a general trend in Hollywood to get away from numbering movies and whatever sequel feeling they might carry with them. And even when a film does carry a number, it is usually something along the lines of John Wick: Chapter 2 or Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

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