‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Broke Yet Another Box Office Record As It Continues Making All The Money

How it normally works with blockbusters is this: They have a huge opening weekend, grossing over $100 million. Then the second weekend, the rabid anticipation drops and so does the money it rakes in. But something funny has happened with Top Gun: Maverick: People keep going to see it in droves.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the long-delayed, very belated sequel to the top grosser of 1986 dropped a mere 32 percent in its second weekend. When it opened over Memorial Day weekend, it Hoovered up $126.7 million in the first three days alone, and another $33.8 million on the holiday itself — by far the biggest opening of star Tom Cruise’s career. This weekend, it grossed a whopping $86 million.

That means Maverick has broken another record: the lowest second weekend dip for a movie that opened to over $100 million, according to THR. For context, consider that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which opened bigger than Maverick, with $187.4 million, dropped to $61.7 million its second weekend.

The news is pretty much the opposite of what befell Morbius, the Jared Leto-starring comic book movie, which was given a slight re-release in theaters after becoming a jokey social media meme sensation. On its first day back in theaters, it grossed a mere $85,000. That same day, Top Gun: Maverick made $25,00,000, or almost 300 times what Morbius made. Poor Morbius.

(Via THR)