The ‘Morbius’ Rerelease Only Wound Up Giving It The Chance To Bomb All Over Again

For the last two weeks, Morbius was trending on Twitter. The Jared Leto-starring comic book movie, about a scientist who accidentally turns himself into a vampire, didn’t do so hot when it hit theaters in April. But all of a sudden it was the talk of the internet. It wasn’t exactly because people adored it. It just became a joke, and even its star got in on the action. Amidst the hullabaloo, Sony decided to give it a little re-release. But just because something’s a hit on social media doesn’t translate into a hit in movie theaters.

Sure enough, as per Forbes, the Morbius Mulligan did not go so well. On Friday, the day the film was re-dropped in theaters, it grossed a mere $85,000. For some perspective, on the same day Top Gun: Maverick, the movie everyone’s seeing, grossed $25,000,000. Morbius couldn’t even break the $100,000 mark.

Granted, the Morbius reissue may have never stood a chance. Most theaters were only playing it once, often in mid-evening time slots, during the 9 o’clock hour. Still, its $270 per screen average — the lowest in the top 20 — doesn’t suggest the throngs were hungry for more Morbius. Oh well. We’ll always have those Morbius memes.

(Via Forbes)