Vincent D’Onofrio Says Kingpin Will Be Back, But Spikes A Few Rumors In The Process

One of the great surprises of the second season of Daredevil was the return of Wilson Fisk, who the Punisher winds up in prison with, and who Fisk, in a rare miscalculation, makes into an enemy. This, of course, leads to relentless speculation that the Kingpin is turning up anywhere you can fit him. So D’Onofrio went on Twitter to explain that, yes, Fisk will return, but also to rule out a few rumors.

Basically, D’Onofrio spent yesterday telling people he wasn’t in Spider-Man: Homecoming:

Or The Defenders:

Also, he joked that Marvel implanted him with a chip that prevents him from leaking spoilers. At least we hope it’s a joke.

That said, he does confirm that the Kingpin is returning, but that’s literally all he knows. That said, there are a few strong candidates for Wilson Fisk to make his Netflix return: The Punisher has his solo series coming up, and Frank Castle has a score or two to settle with Fisk. Daredevil also has a third season on the way. Both of those, however, are likely a year or more away, so we won’t get to see Fisk misuse car doors and otherwise deal with people who offend him for a while.

(via Twitter)