Will There Be A ‘M3GAN’ Sequel?

With M3GAN racking up rave reviews and sitting at an impressive 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, naturally, talk of a sequel is already in the air. In fact, there were already reports that Universal wanted a follow-up film before the creepy dancing murder robot started bowling over critics.

Well, here’s the good news: A sequel is definitely in the cards. While promoting the film, prolific horror producer James Wan, who has a Story By credit on the film, recently revealed that he’s always looking at a bigger picture when writing movies, and M3GAN was no exception.

Here’s what Wan told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about the rumor that Universal is already gunning for a sequel:

Well, my answer to that is I am very superstitious, and I don’t like to talk about sequels before the first film is even out. But like any of the movies I make, I always think of a bigger world. I don’t just think of that one story; I think of the bigger world. So if we’re fortunate enough to tell any other stories, we can pull from the bigger world.

Of course, Wan is no stranger to franchises. He’s currently hard at work on the Aquaman sequel, and before that, he unleashed The Conjuring films on horror fans, so the guy knows his way around building a cinematic world. As for where he might take the M3GAN story after the first film, who knows? But we’re sure there’ll be lots of weird dancing that lets you know something ain’t right.

M3GAN opens in theater on January 6.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)