21 Savage Wants Evidence From His 2019 ICE Arrest Kept Out Of Court

Even though the most dramatic part of 21 Savage’s ICE ordeal is three years in the rearview, he still faces fallout from his 2019 arrest because the case has been delayed going to trial so many times. Now, with the actual court date creeping closer, Savage is trying to make his case clear; he should not be deported because he never should have been stopped in the first place. To that end, his lawyers have filed a motion to suppress evidence of gun and drug charges against him from appearing in court, according to TMZ.

When he was pulled over in 2019, police say they witnessed him throw a bottle of codeine out of the car, while they also found a gun in his car. His lawyers say that the gun was legal. However, once he was arrested, he was turned over to ICE custody and it was revealed that Savage was originally a citizen of the United Kingdom. He immigrated to the US as a young teen and his mother never updated their visas, making him technically an illegal resident of the US. However, he has argued that he was applying for a new visa and that he doesn’t actually know anyone in his original home country.

Unfortunately, because of his status, 21 has been unable to tour outside of the US, and he can’t handle his ICE case until the police case is resolved. If a judge agrees that the traffic stop that led to all this was unlawful, it could be the first step in Savage becoming a true citizen.