Brent Faiyaz Leads An Orchestra Under The Lights In His Performance Of ‘All Mine’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Brent Faiyaz appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday (November 21) to bless audiences with a performance of “All Mine,” off his recently released record, Wasteland.

The scene opens with Faiyaz conducting his band as the string instruments set the sonic bar high. The second Faiyaz starts to sing, the audience cheers. From there, he gives a soulful take that equally matches the effort of the orchestra and instrumentalists behind him.

“We both still young, so what’s the rush? / The night is young and we not drunk enough / You come around if I don’t do too much / We had our downs but we had way more ups,” Faiyaz notes on the track.

Also impressive in this performance of “All Mine” is the stage lighting setup. Instead of opting to flood the fans in the crowd with over-the-top stage design, the simple yellow lights are timed to the beat. This finds them getting dimmed on the verses to match the energy of the song. Oh yeah, and there’s also fog — because that is always essential.

“I’m excited to visually bring these songs to life, these records to life,” Faiyaz previously told Insider about his visual visions. “I think that’s going to play a huge part in how people receive this music. It’s all about the message that you portray.”

Watch Faiyaz perform “All Mine” on Fallon above.