Cardi B Is Chaotically Live-Tweeting ‘The Crown’ Episodes: ‘Queen Elizabeth Ain’t Give Him No P*ssy’

“Y’all wanna talk about The Crown,” Cardi B asked fans on Twitter today, referencing Netflix’s show — a dramatized retelling of the British royal family’s history. As it turns out, both Cardi and her fans have lots of thoughts when it comes to the series.

The new fifth season dropped earlier this month, bringing viewers up to the divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. One fan asked what the Bronx rapper thought of the Charles/Diana/Camila love triangle… which also features the infamous (and frankly, quite gross) phone call speech that Charles made to his then-mistress — and now, wife.

“I NEED your thoughts on Camilla & Charles,” one replied. Cardi responded, “I haven’t gotten there yet ….I’m on episode 13 when Prince Phillip comes back and Queen Elizabeth ain’t gave him no p*ssy.”

Cardi’s live-tweeting description, including blatantly joking that Queen Elizabeth wasn’t letting Phillip get some, has sent fans into a hilarious spiral. It appears that, as Netflix only drops ten episodes per season, the episode 13 in question seems to be Season 2, Episode 3. The subtext to “ain’t gave him no p*ssy” is that Lizzie went to Lisbon to visit her husband, Prince Phillip. Already having marital problems, she rejects a kiss, but divorce isn’t an option at that historical point for someone of her stature.

Continue scrolling for some fan reactions on Cardi and her thoughts on The Crown.

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