The Celebration Rock Podcast Delves Deep Into Pearl Jam’s ‘Vs.’ And ‘Vitalogy’

Cultural Critic
03.20.17 5 Comments

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This week on The Celebration Rock Podcast is continuing aseries on Pearl Jam by exploring two of the band’s most famous albums, 1993’s Vs. and 1994’s Vitalogy, in two new episodes.

With Vs., Pearl Jam capitalized on the slow-burn success of its 1991 debut Ten — in just five days, Vs. sold more than 950,000 copies. After touring non-stop in the previous two years, Pearl Jam entered the studio in peak shape, and cranked out some of the most loved songs its career, including “Go,” “Animal,” “Daughter,” and “Rearviewmirror.” With his guest Dave Hartley of the great indie band The War On Drugs, Hyden discusses the impact of Vs. and whether the record holds up nearly 25 years later.

The next Pearl Jam record, Vitalogy, is arguably the most popular album among Pearl Jam fans. A chaotic record that mixes some of Pearl Jam’s most crowd-pleasing material (“Better Man,” “Corduroy”) with some of the band’s weirdest and most discursive tunes (“Bugs” anyone?), Vitality is a chaotic record that reflects a chaotic period in Pearl Jam history. To help make sense of Vitalogy, Hyden spoke with the writer and critic Chuck Klosterman, who considers Vitalogy to be his personal favorite Pearl Jam release.

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