Chance The Rapper Reunites With Supa Bwe To Remind Us All That ‘ACAB’

Two years removed from the 2020 uprisings over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, it doesn’t seem like much has changed in the US. Calls to defund police departments across the nation were more or less ignored (or outright defied), and in just one month, the number of headlines reporting police shootings of citizens is frankly kind of alarming.

Thus, Chicago rapper Supa Bwe has returned with his first new song of the year, reuniting with his old friend Chance The Rapper to remind us that “ACAB.” The new song, built over a plodding beat and featuring additional guest appearances from 7000 and Maryland underground rap rising star Redveil, takes the corrupt institution to task, with all four rappers calling out the overall failure to honor the “protect and serve” motto throughout the past few… well… forever.

According to Supa Bwe’s Instagram, the song is the first single from his upcoming project No Thanks, which is also his first project since 2019’s Jaguar. 2019 also contained “Rememory,” Supa’s last collaboration with Chance The Rapper, on the Just Say Thank You EP. Meanwhile, Chance recently expanded his own collaboration catalog, teaming up with Dionne Warwick on the soul legend’s “Nothing’s Impossible.” While he hasn’t been as busy on the music front since dropping The Big Day in 2019, there’s no time like the present for him to get busy on a follow-up.

Listen to “ACAB” above.