Dionne Warwick And Chance The Rapper Prove That ‘Nothing’s Impossible’ With Their Promised Collaboration

Back in December of last year (where does the time go?), Twitter helped create the unlikeliest of connections when legendary R&B singer Dionne Warwick tagged Chance The Rapper to tease him about his stage name. After Chance finished freaking out about being acknowledged by the music icon, she invited him to “rap together,” leading to Chance telling Stephen Colbert that the pair had collaborated on some new music. Now, with just a month to go until Christmas, the duo has shared the results: the uplifting ballad, “Nothing’s Impossible.”

Created in collaboration with Chance’s non-profit Social Works and the forward-thinking foundation Not Impossible, the new song popped up on YouTube through Empire Distribution and counts Chance’s Chicago-based collaborators Smoko Ono and Peter Cottontale as producers and composers along with Damon Elliott. The R&B star, who recently made a surprise appearance on SNL, handles the comforting chorus and bridge.

Chance was really enthused about the collaboration last year, telling Colbert, “I was very surprised that she knew who I was. But it was awesome… It feels like my first taste of fame. I went to Starbucks the other day and they’re like, ‘Are you the guy who got tweeted by Dionne Warwick?’”