Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Lawsuit Was Dismissed Over An ‘Entirely Different’ Song

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) has officially had a lawsuit against his 2018 song, “This Is America,” dismissed. In 2021, Kidd Wes (real name Emelike Nwosuocha) sued Glover and claimed that the track was “practically identical” to his 2016 track, “Made In America.”

However, according to Billboard, U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero ruled yesterday (March 24) that there is no reasoning and tossed the lawsuit.

“A cursory comparison with the challenged composition reveals that the content of the choruses is entirely different and not substantially similar,” Marrero wrote. He claimed that Nwosuocha’s words were a “short, simple, self-aggrandizing proclamation” and Glover‘s were on “what America means and how it is perceived.”

“More could be said on the ways these songs differ, but no more airtime is needed to resolve this case,” he added.

Nwosuocha’s attorneys, Imran H. Ansari and La’Shawn N. Thomas, offered a statement to the publication about how their client felt about the ruling, citing that he was “understandably disappointed.”

“He stands by his music, creativity, and the independence of grassroots artists to create their own music, and receive credit where credit is due, without the fear of it being apportioned by another,” they shared.

His team has also noted that they aren’t ruling out appealing the decision, but only time will tell.