CKay Enjoys A Steamy Vacation In His Sensual New ‘Mmadu’ Video

Self-proclaimed “Emo-Afrobeat star” CKay has shared the video for his sensual new song, “Mmadu.” The track has been lauded as a fan-favorite from CKay‘s album, Sad Romance, which was released this past November, and on the song, he sings of a building urge to get intimate with his flame.

“I want you, I need you, whoa-whoa / I see through your see-through, whoa-whoa / You drive me crazy like a chauffeur / When I see you, I want to do you,” he sings on the track.

In the song’s accompanying video, CKay is seen in a resort eating dinner with a beautiful woman. The two are later seen enjoying intimate moments in the city of Lagos in bed, imagining they are the only two around.

“The inspiration, simply put, was sexual tension,” said CKay in a statement. “It’s more sensual than my previous videos. It makes me feel a mixture of sensuality, love, and sadness. An exciting mix of emotions. Very few songs make me feel like that.”

The video was directed by Ahmed Mosh, who Ckay said can capture emotion well.

“He also brings the beauty out of African aesthetics in a way very few can,” said CKay.

Check out the video for “Mmadu” above.

CKay is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.