D Smoke Takes Over The Block In His Stone-Faced ‘Say Go’ Video

After releasing the devastating 2021 album War & Wonders, Inglewood rapper D Smoke begins his 2022 campaign with the video for “Say Go,” the album’s chest-beating second single after after “Shame On You.” Over triumphant horns, D Smoke lays out his philosophy, warning haters that the entire block will slide on his say-so as he marches through the streets of his hometown with seemingly the whole city behind him.

Lending a humorous counterpoint to the stone-faced proceedings, comedian Lil Rel makes an appearance midway through the video to comment on the goings-on, criticizing some of the march’s members for such activities as keeping chicken on leashes. Just watch it, trust me.

In his interview discussing War & Wonders with Uproxx last year, the Rhythm+Flow winner further detailed his defiant philosophy as expressed on the album. “We’re in a different world than we were in when Black Habits came out,” he said. “With the world changing so fast, if we don’t take on an attitude of resistance, or an attitude of strength, or a willingness to fight if things don’t work for us, we will be on the losing end of that… This ain’t a time to shrink. It’s time to grow and get big in the midst of everything we’re experiencing in the world. Because when these things happen, everybody needs an advocate, and you’re your first advocate.”

Watch D Smoke’s “Say Go” video above.