Dave Chappelle’s Attacker Is Apparently A Rapper Who Previously Released A Song Name-Checking The Comedian

When most of us first found out about Dave Chappelle getting tackled at his Hollywood Bowl show last night, we were probably shocked, confused, and a little bit curious. Why on Earth would this random person take it upon himself to attack the comedian onstage? Sure, Chappelle’s made some pretty controversial comments lately, and there are more than a few folks unhappy with him as a result, but they’ve mostly voiced their displeasure via walkouts and sternly-worded tweets. Could this attacker have had a personal beef with Dave?

As it turns out, maybe he did — albeit kind of a weird, one-sided one. The Daily Beast (bless them) not only identified the man (it wasn’t Will Smith), one Isaiah Arias Lee, but also unearthed his music channel on YouTube, which currently has 908 subscribers and a 2020 diss track about his opps-in-his-head titled, amusingly, “Dave Chappell.” Performing under the name “NoName Trapper” (lol), Lee spits some standard-issue disses against some unidentified “n****” who he can’t help but laugh at because they are, well, jokes (Daily Beast seemingly mistranslates the lyrics, but to be fair, the mixing is atrocious).

Lee also apparently posted a video of himself on the way to the show on his Instagram, using a filter that gave him devil horns and wearing the sweatshirt he’s seen wearing in the video of the attack — and its aftermath, which left him with what looked like a broken arm after a group including Dave Chappelle’s security, Busta Rhymes, and Jamie Foxx roughed him up backstage.