Questlove, Busta Rhymes, And Many, Many More Mourn De La Soul’s Trugoy The Dove

David Jude Jolicoeur, aka Trugoy The Dove, aka Plug Two of De La Soul, was a true pioneer of hip-hop. The news of his passing yesterday — just days after De La Soul was celebrated as part of the Grammys’ 50 Years Of Hip-Hop presentation and weeks before the iconic trio’s music becomes available on streaming services for the first time ever — shook the hip-hop community, who flooded social media with expressions of dismay, grief, and condolences for Dave’s family and bandmates.

Dave’s influence was such that there almost isn’t a single rapper from the ’90s that his music didn’t inspire in some way, as seen by the online outpouring of love for him from alt-rappers, gangsta rappers, and pop rappers alike. Questlove, who is often among the most eloquent in sharing his thoughts about musician friends who have passed away, summed it up:

“thank David Jolicoeur, Kelvin Mercer & Vincent Mason (Paul Houston too) for everything. All too often we have to wait for tragedy to strike before we express how much someone means to us.

As eager as I am to educate & teach a lesson. I decided to erase it & not mask the sadness with brainiac smarts about why #DeLaSoul was one of the most amazing beautiful products of this culture of hip hop.

I just wanna thank them for the decades of zaniness, the fun memories of my teen years, the blueprint laid out that eventually brought Tariq & i together. The freedom of expression, those crazy skits, the fresh new ideas, the blatant honesty (especially in a time period in which it was frowned upon——listen to that “Stakes” verse….what a legacy to leave behind!!) psssssh that #Senyah flip on “Pony Ride” you told me about, i LOST MY MIND!!!!!!!!! when I heard that) —-so many creative gems.”

He also implored fans to stream De La’s music — and purchase it — when it again becomes available on March 3.

Meanwhile, dozens of rap luminaries including Busta Rhymes, Chuck D, Erick Sermon, LL Cool J, 9th Wonder, Pharrell, Redman, and many, many more shared posts honoring Trugoy. See more below.