Drakeo The Ruler’s Posthumous ‘Ain’t That The Truth’ Video Asserts His Authenticity

Drakeo The Ruler, prolific as he was in life, probably won’t fade from the public consciousness anytime soon. His gritty, DIY work ethic means that we’ll likely see plenty more projects from him, even after his untimely death. The first of those works, the video for “Ain’t That The Truth,” from the album of the same name, has arrived to keep the spark of the West Coast rapper’s fiery creativity alive.

Featuring Drakeo’s brother and Stinc Team cohort Ralfy The Plug, the video sees the two rappers hanging out in their home studio, watching basketball on TV, and imbibing various — ahem — substances while rapping their defiant verses. On the hook, Drakeo declares, “We know the truth, we the truth, and asks, “Ain’t that the truth?” while on the verse, he makes sure to provide all the details needed to back up his boisterous boasts.

Speaking on Drakeo’s death after being stabbed backstage at the Once Upon A Time In LA festival, Ralfy called his brother his “idol,” writing, “You did it by yo self. You was a self made boss and a leader. You was my idol and big brother and I learned a lot from you and I’m definitely gone make sure they still know the truth.”

Watch Drakeo’s “Aint’ That The Truth” video with Ralfy The Plug above.