J Hus And Drake’s Flavorful ‘Who Told You’ Challenges The Status Quo In Favor Of Summertime Fun

At the end of last month, UK rapper J Hus made his long-awaited return with his new single “It’s Crazy.” Prior to that, it’d been three years since he released his celebrated second album Big Conspiracy. In that time span, appearances from J Hus were far and few with the most notable coming through a feature on Burna Boy’s “Cloak & Dagger.” At this point, it’s clear that J Hus is back and ready to reach a new level as he checks back in with his new single “Who Told You” alongside no other than Drake.

“Who Told You” is a fun and flavorful record that will indeed find life in the upcoming summer months. On it, J Hus looks to challenge the status quo placed on the tough guys of the world by asking, “Who told you bad man can’t dance?” Regardless of what his life on the streets may look like, J Hus makes it clear that he can have fun just like the rest of us. Drake takes on the song’s second to capture a flirtatious moment between him and a girl he wants to enjoy the night with.

Both “It’s Crazy” and “Who Told You” are set to appear on J Hus’ upcoming third album, which is rumored to be titled Don’t Say Militancy. He explained the phrase in a post on his Instagram page. “Don’t say it, do it,” he said. “Don’t say it out loud. Unless you’re gonna do something, don’t even say, ‘I’m gonna do this if you do this’… Don’t do that.” He continued, “But, if you’re gonna do it, then do it. If not, then don’t say nothing about it. That’s what it means. Don’t say it, but do it, represent it.”

You can listen to “Who Told You” in the video above.

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