Ja Rule Was Trolled By A 50 Cent Song At His Own Concert, Proving Some Beef Never Dies

A clip from Ja Rule’s Power 106.9’s Jingle Jam concert with Ashanti at Baxter Arena is now hilariously going viral again. Initially uploaded to TikTok on December 11, the moment captures what the rapper’s team does when you play 50 Cent’s hit, “In Da Club.”

“Stop this song,” one of the crew members says into the microphone. “Aye, cut this sh*t off,” another guy added, getting increasingly angry.

The several crew members wander around the stage confused as they try to stop the song, even talking to the on-stage DJ, but it continues playing. Despite Ja Rule’s crew clearly disliking the 50 Cent drop, some of the crowd did — as they can be seen singing along.

The video eventually made its way to 50 Cent himself, as the rapper shared the video on his Instagram.

“LOL, now this is some funny sh*t,” he captioned, complete with laughing and clapping emojis. “I wish I had something to do with it.”

Following 50 Cent’s post, fans on social media are having a field day reacting to the clip.

“Ja Rule out there 20 years later and still getting done in by 50 Cent,” one user tweeted.


The two rappers’ beef was first documented in 1999 after Ja Rule was reportedly robbed by one of 50 Cent’s associates, and the latter responded with a diss track. Over two decades later, the bad blood hasn’t settled down.

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