50 Cent Issues A Tongue-In-Cheek Response To Ja Rule’s Battle Challenge

It seems there’s one person who just can’t be bored in self-quarantine: 50 Cent. As long as he has someone to troll on social media, he’ll be fine — and fortunately for him, one of his longtime favorite targets just made himself incredibly convenient. When Ja Rule said he’d be open to a Verzuz battle between himself and 50, he sparked a debate on social media about which of the two could conceivably topple the other if they could keep it clean enough to just play their hits and “behave” as Ja put it. But 50 swiftly put an end to the chatter in his usual way — with a pointed set of Instagram posts letting his feelings be known.

In the first, the Power producer posted a reaction .gif of himself. You know the one: 50 pulls his convertible up alongside Turtle’s car in Entourage, makes a snarky comment, and drives off laughing. In this case, 50 captioned the .gif, “Who want to battle?” and sniped at Ja with, “Here’s a moment of silence for the still sick and suffering.” Just for good measure, he threw in a few plugs for his ABC show For Life, for Power, and his liquor line, Branson Cognac, and gibed, “Need attention, call 50,” although he did misuse the hashtags — he is 44, after all.


In the next one, he outright blew up Ja’s spot, posting a pic of his Queens rival’s face photo shopped onto a homeless person holding a sign. The sign itself was also altered to read, “I will battle 50 Cent for attention,” and the photo is captioned simply: “Stupid” with a reference to Fyre Festival, Ja’s failed endeavor that became the subject of two different documentaries. Ouch.


It appears there’s a couple of things for sure: One, there is still no love lost between the two antagonists, and two, that battle is probably never going to happen.