EGOT Winner Jennifer Hudson Shares Video Of Her Reaction To The Clinching Tony Award Victory

Getting an EGOT — meaning you’ve won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award in your career — is one of the rarest and most-respected honors in entertainment, since it takes a multi-talented and long-lasting winner to pull it off. So far, only 17 people have ever done it, with the latest addition to that group being Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson started with an Oscar in 2006 (for Best Supporting Actress in Dreamgirls), then got a Grammy in 2009 (Best R&B Album for Jennifer Hudson), a Daytime Emmy in 2021 (Outstanding Interactive Media For A Daytime Program for Baba Yaga), and just a few days ago, a Tony (Best Musical for A Strange Loop, which she produced).

Now, Hudson has shared a video of a moment shortly after she got the Tony win. In it, she says, “As I said when I won the Oscar [for Dreamgirls], ‘Look what God can do.'” With a cocky swagger, she adds before sharing a champagne toast with the other people in the room, “Well, He just did it again.”

She echoed that in the post’s caption, writing, “Wow !!! I am overwhelmed by all the outpouring of love and support that I am Still receiving and I’m still processing this whole new ground . What an honor ! Thank u all for being with me on this journey. I could not live this life without u. Like I said when I won my Oscar , look what God can do. Well He did it again !”

Hudson has also since updated her social media profiles to note she’s an “Emmy winning producer,” “Grammy winning artist,” “Oscar winning actress,” and a “Tony winning producer,” as well as an “NYT Best-Selling author,” for her 2012 book I Got This: How I Changed My Ways And Lost What Weighed Me Down.