Antonio Brown And Kanye West Are ‘Extremely Serious’ About Buying The Denver Broncos

If there were ever two personalities that were absolutely meant for each other, it’s Kanye West and Antonio Brown. When you both can’t seem to get out of your own way, you might as well join forces and see what happens? So, like an algebra equation where two negatives multiplied together equal a positive, Kanye recently named Antonio Brown — who was most recently released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — the president of his new Donda Sports venture. The pair both appeared on the Rolling Loud Miami lineup and it seems as though Ye is trying to foster Brown’s musical… errr… talents? But this is a two-way street and it’s what they’re working on with Donda Sports and a supposed bid to purchase the Denver Broncos that has multi-billion-dollar potential.

The Broncos were recently put up for sale and the price tag is said to reach the $4 billion mark. Heck, now that they’ve traded for quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks, the Broncos might actually be good this upcoming season. So when Brown was in LA recently, he was approached by a TMZ reporter (who else?). As he was hopping in his Ferrari, the reporter asked him if he and Ye were planning on meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell about purchasing the team, to which Brown replied, “Tell Roger to call me, ’cause we’re working on it.” He then added that he and Ye are “…extremely serious about it,” and added, “We’re working towards it to get it done.” He then hopped in his Ferrari and drove away.

Considering the NFL wouldn’t even sell a team to Donald Trump, what would make them warm up to the idea of the mercurial ex-wide receiver Brown and the outspoken rapper West sitting at the owners table? If this venture doesn’t work out, the pair could focus on developing Brown’s music career, as he also told the reporter, “I already got a Super Bowl ring, so hopefully I can get a Grammy.”