Kanye West Is Pumped That ‘Donda 2’ Isn’t Eligible For ‘Billboard’ Chart Placement: ‘Big Win’

Earlier this week, Billboard reported that Kanye West’s new album Donda 2 is not currently eligible to appear on their charts. So, while Ye’s past nine solo albums have topped the Billboard 200, Donda 2, at least for the time being, won’t even get the chance to. Billboard explained, “[T]he album is being sold with a device that can be used for other means besides the playing of the album. As such, the Stem [Player]/Donda package would fall within Billboard‘s latest merch bundle policy, where albums sold with merchandise are not chart-eligible.”

Some may see that as a bad thing, but West, who has long had a unique perspective, does not.

In fact, he celebrated the news on Instagram yesterday. Sharing a screenshot of a post about Donda 2‘s chart ineligibility, Ye wrote, “Big win for the kid We can no longer be counted or judged We won we won we won we won We make my own systems We set our own value aaaand yesterdays price is not todays price baaaaabeeeee!!!!!”

Meanwhile, Ye is fresh off yesterday’s release of another new video for “Eazy” which, like the previous “Eazy” video, depicts Pete Davidson getting beaten up.

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