Kylie Jenner Reveals The Name Of Her And Travis Scott’s New Baby

After months of rumors, Kylie Jenner announced this past weekend that she had given birth to her and Travis Scott’s second child together. Many believe the child is a boy since Jenner shared a blue heart emoji alongside what is presumably the child’s birth date, “2/2/22.” Now, it seems Jenner has finally revealed the baby’s name.

On her Instagram Story today, Jenner shared a plain image of white text on a dark gray background that reads, “Wolf Webster,” followed by a white heart emoji. Scott’s legal name is Jacques Berman Webster II, so it would seem Wolf Webster is in fact the baby’s full name.

Kylie Jenner Wolf Webster Baby Name Instagram

TMZ previously reported that according to “sources familiar with the situation,” both Jenner and the new baby were in good health after the birth and that Stormi, Jenner and Scott’s first child, is “excited” to be a big sister.

The Bump notes that the name “Wolf” is German in origin and that according to data from the Social Security Administration, it was the 3,996th most popular first name as of 2020 and has climbed up the ranks in recent decades. Nameberry also notes, “Wolf is a name with a split personality. It can be seen as one of the fierce animal names, like Fox and Bear and Puma, with a touch of the werewolf, or it can be viewed as a quieter, Wolf Blitzer kind of name, fairly common in German (where is pronounced Vulf) and Jewish families, sometimes as a short form of Wolfgang.”