Leikeli47 Goes HAM On ‘Chitty Bang,’ Her First New Song In A Year And A Half

Back in August, the subject of a Reddit thread read “Does anyone know where I can find the Leikeli47 song from the Madden 22 soundtrack online?” The mysterious banger from the Madden ’22 soundtrack indeed was nowhere to be found. “I believe it’s called ‘Chitty Bang’…..Song f*cking slaps but I can’t find it anywhere…Anyone knows whats up???” another user commented. Today, we finally have an answer for these patient hip-hop loving gamers.

For the first time in a year and a half, the masked Brooklyn rapper has officially released new music, in the form of the stone cold banger, “Chitty Bang.” Leikeli47 has always flashed a dynamic style, whether it’d be on the big horns of “Tic Boom,” the swing and bounce of “2nd Fiddle” or the dancehall charm of the uplifting “Hoyt & Schermerhorn.” But much like on 2020’s “Zoom,” Leikeli just comes to getcha on “Chitty Bang.” She attacks the hook over a totally massive bass line and spits heat on a verse with a fierce cadence akin to Cardi B:

“I see them hoes keep trying
Professional imitators
Ref, where’s the flag?
Now you’re making me mad
When 47 get that
B*tch you betta get back”

No word yet on whether “Chitty Bang” will end up on the follow-up album to 2018’s excellent Acryclic, but a press release for the new jam advised us to “stay tuned for more new music from Leikeli47.”