LL Cool J Reacts To The Weirdness Of His Old Music Videos: ‘I Was Definitely Ridiculous’

LL Cool J, the legendary rapper who was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last year, is having some fun on Twitter. After a tweet went viral that read, “LL Cool J was ridiculous in every music video he was in. Just go look,” the “I Need A Beat” singer decided to provide some humorous commentary by making a TikTok with the classic green screen effect so that he appeared in front of the tweet. “Time to break the silence,” he says. “Yeah, I was definitely ridiculous. That’s my goal. I make my own rules.”

The tweet is full of replies that proved the original tweeter’s point; there’s a clip where he is “playing the guitar on a young lady’s leg,” as Cool J puts it. “I think I should’ve had two or three girls though,” he remarks with a completely serious tone. There’s another clip where he’s pouring chocolate syrup on a woman’s knee caps. “Definitely was wildin’,” he says. “Although, I always felt there should’ve been more chocolate. Maybe using a giant paintbrush or something, and just really go in.”

All of these clips are, you know, something else, and Cool J’s explanations only make them even funnier.