Mark Ronson And Lucky Daye Premiere A Groovy New Collaboration, ‘Too Much’

Just months after dropping his highly acclaimed sophomore album, Candydrip, Lucky Daye has teamed up with Mark Ronson for a groovy new collab. On their single, “Too Much,” Lucky provides his sugary vocals, desiring an adventurous night with over a funky, jazzy Ronson-produced beat.

Lucky’s voice syncs perfectly with Ronsons’ thumping drums and intoxicating horns. “We’re just catching up to time,” he sings. “Let’s do too much, Something that we never tried, we never tried.”

Ronson and Lucky have previously collaborated on “Fly” from the 2019 Spies In Disguise soundtrack. For their most recent collab, the two teamed up with Audemars Piquet for their Syncing Sounds series, where they can be seen building “Too Much” from scratch.

“When I’m in the room with [Ronson], he doesn’t have to keep reminding me that he’s a legend, and I don’t even have to remind myself,” Lucky said. “I can literally vibe, and we vibe like it’s nothing, and every time we work, it’s just easy flowing.”

Ronson didn’t share an update in regards to an upcoming album, however, he recently revealed via Instagram that he is working on a book about his teens and his early 20s as a hip-hop DJ in New York City.

“It’s the story of an undocumented era before smartphones and VIP booths when ascending hip-hop moguls, artists, hustlers, models, posers, dancers and hard-working 9 to 5’ers all rubbed shoulders with each other in the club,” said Ronson in a post. “At that moment, New York was still the center of the music game and in the land of Biggie, Wu-Tang and Tribe, we celebrated them every night.”

Check out “Too Much” above.