Mase And Cam’ron Have Appeared To Settle Their Feud, Which Went On For Over 20 Years

Rappers Mase and Cam’ron have appeared to settled their beef — one that has lasted for over two decades. In an Instagram video shared by Mase’s sister, Stason, Mase is seen calling Cam’ron on the phone.

“Killa, what’s good?” says Mase. He later jokingly asks “Where’s Mr. Petty at these days?,” referring to Cam’ron’s 2017 diss track “Dinner Time,” targeted toward Mase, on which he says, “You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war.”

Stason captured the video, saying, “Ok now @rsvpmase and @mr_camron I DEFINITELY DID NOT SEE THIS COMING but I’m here for it!!!! Smh y’all gotta stop with this nonsense or I’m swinging on both of y’all!!!”

Their beef began back in 1999, when Mase relocated from New York City to ATL, which was rumored to be due to an ongoing beef with a Harlem street figure named Baby Maine. Around that time is when he retired from rap to become a pastor. He returned to hip-hop in 2004, with a single called “Welcome Back.” During an appearance on Hot 97 in July 2004, Mase explained why he left hip-hop, and Jim Jones and Cam’ron called into the radio station, questioning the legitimacy of his story and calling him a fraud.

Now, the beef seems to be over for good, as Stason’s video was hashtagged with the tags, “#The2KingsOfPetty, #WhenMenGrowUp, #ILoveIt, #Mase and #Cam.”