Cam’ron Says He Was Originally Supposed To Have A Role In ‘Uncut Gems’

Uncut Gems generated a massive buzz for its inclusion of unexpected guest performances from the likes of Kevin Garnett and The Weeknd but it turns out there was one potential performance we all missed out on. According to Harlem rap godfather Cam’ron, he was supposed to star in the film alongside Jonah Hill and Manhattan Diamond District jewelers Izzy and Joseph Aranbayev (aka Avianne & Co.), but he was ultimately bypassed for unknown reasons.

Cam posted to Instagram in response to a feature on Complex about Avianne & Co. and their role in helping to make the Safdie brothers’ film a reality. The feature reveals that the Aranbayev brothers were supposed to join the other sibling duo in crafting the film — however, despite providing many of the jewelry pieces used in it, they didn’t get the opportunity to appear in it themselves.

Cam’ron not only confirmed their story, he added a detail of his own: That he believes Josh Safdie used him to get to the Aranbayev brothers, as he was one of their loyal customers. He complains that the role they wanted to give his was “sucker ass role” and that he didn’t even get a shout-out in the credits. However, he insists that Safdie is “still my guy” and jokingly requests a consultant fee, ultimately congratulates everyone involved on the film’s success.

Check out the post above.