Merlyn Wood Drops A New Solo Single, ‘Green Light,’ Ahead Of Brockhampton’s Final Album

After performing a swan song with Brockhampton at Coachella last month, Merlyn Wood has released a new single. On “Green Light,” Wood wakes up “feeling like a Gucci ad lib,” delivering fiery bars, ready for a promising post-Brockhampton era.

Wood, who has now rebranded as Merlyn!, doesn’t mention Brockhampton or any of his bandmates by name in the song. However, he shouts out his hometown of Houston and calls out his haters.

In the song’s accompanying video, directed by Miggy Jasper, Wood plays video games on the couch in a mansion as his outfits change in rapid succession. He is joined by a group of women as he continues to play video games and later dances by the pool.

According to an accompanying press statement, “Green Light” is one of four projects set to be released on a weekly basis, until the 20th, which is when Wood is teasing something big.

Brockhampton has yet to release their final album, but Wood is gearing up for an exciting new start.

Ahead of “Green Light’s” release, Wood teased his new era in an Instagram post, saying, “My skin is tingling im so excited. This that anticipation right before the LIGHT TURNS GREEN in the most important race in your LIFE. I put my heart, soul and sweat in this and i hope you enjoy it immensely.”

Check out “Green Light” above.