Mount Westmore Shared Their Picks For A Mount Rushmore Of East Coast Rappers

Some West Coast legends stopped by The People’s Party With Talib Kweli this week. Ice Cube, E-40, and Too Short, of supergroup Mount Westmore (which also includes Snoop Dogg), made an appearance on the web series, on which, they discussed who could parallel them on the opposite side of the country.

On Ice Cube’s Mount Rushmore of East Coast rappers are Jay-Z and Nas. E-40 noted that he would also include Busta Rhymes in the allotted four, citing his innovative craft.

Short admitted that he would switch up his picks every single time, however, would always include “Hip-Hop Hooray” hitmakers Naughty By Nature in his selection.

While each of them had different picks for East Coast GOATs, 40 maintained that the current Mount Rushmore of West Coast rapper is indisputable.

“I haven’t seen not one person argue about us being Mount Westmore,” E-40 said. “Young or old, you can’t.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cube, Short, and 40 spoke about another West Coast legend — Tupac — and what he meant to them. 40 recalled Pac shouting him out on one of his earlier albums, before 40 had blown up.

“If he f*cked with you, he f*cked with you,” said 40. “He was uplifting to females and the urban community as well.”

You can watch the full episode and hear all of their picks above.