Russ Is Done Saying ‘Too Much’ On His Braggadocios New Single

Russ is on a roll. After navigating a nasty breakup on track “Bankrupt,” the rapper bounced back to his usual opinion-riddled self with the single, “What Are Yall.” Now, on his new Boi-1da-produced single, “Too Much,” Russ is in rare form.

Co-written by Matthew Samuels, the track gives Russ the floor to be as braggadocios as he wants. The pre-chorus opens with the line, “Sh*t goin’ crazy on the daily / I don’t see a reason why the f*ck I should stop now / Thought I was the sh*t at the bottom / How you think I feel at on top now? Magnificent / Universe wrote my song, I’m just ad-libbing it.” While others believe humility is the key to success, Russ does not. Instead, the stanza highlights his overconfidence throughout the years, manifested in his achievements thus far.

Another notable line in the track is, “Big sh*t poppin’ / I realized I’m the gift, so this year / I ain’t goin’ Christmas shoppin’ / I be hearing ch-ching often.” Despite admitting that he shelled out millions on an Ed Sheeran feature, in this line, the rapper lets everyone know that his money is reserved for him and him only.

Near the end of the track, Russ takes a moment to address the naysayers as he raps, “Fifty-million for the catalog, I turned down / I’m makin’ money every second, you should learn how / These puppies barkin’ at a wolf, why would I turn ’round?”

If you’re looking for a confidence boost, you can live vicariously through Russ and his new song.

Listen to the whole track above.

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.