Russ Navigates A Bad Breakup In His Melancholy ‘Bankrupt’ Video

In the melancholy video for his new single “Bankrupt,” it looks like Russ could use some relationship counseling — or at least, learn some new coping methods. The video opens with the New Jersey rapper dipping out on a bad date, leaving his girl hanging at a diner. Then, he drives to a nearby motel and proceeds to mope a bit before using the payphone outside to call his ex — a conversation that looks unproductive, at best. Finally, he sets fire to his car, presumably to keep himself from backsliding, although it looks like he’s now stranded in the desert instead.

All jokes aside, it appears that the outspoken advocate for artistic independence has found his groove in recent months, dropping a string of artistic videos ranging from the celebratory “Ugly” to the moody “Misunderstood” and “Hard For Me.” He also recently launched his own strain of cannabis products named for his well-received 2020 EP Chomp. Despite his apparent relationship issues — three breakup videos in a row implies some emotional baggage, for sure — his career has turned out to be “pandemic proof” and his esteem among fans has grown ever since he gained some distance from past social media faux pas. Judging from his revenue from streaming, merch, and other business ventures, he’s far from going bankrupt for the time being.

Watch Russ’s “Bankrupt” video above.