The Weeknd Suggests ‘Dawn FM’ Is Part Of ‘A New Trilogy’ And Fans Have Theories About What That Means

The Weeknd famously launched his career with the 2011 mixtapes House Of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes Of Silence, which were later compiled on Trilogy. Now, The Weeknd suggests that his latest album, Dawn FM, is part of a new trilogy, and fans have ideas about what this new trilogy consists of.

Sharing a photo of himself in his old man makeup today, The wrote, “i wonder… did you know you’re experiencing a new trilogy?”

In response, some fans shared screenshots of a recent post from the r/TheWeeknd subreddit that theorizes The Weeknd’s next album will be called After Life. The post reads, “Many people did not like that ‘Every Angel is Terrifying’ is not a full song, but just a longer skit, but guys please… he literally threw an advertisement for his next album which will be called After Life. After Hours -> Dawn FM (purgatory) -> After Life and After Life will be the closure of the whole new trilogy. In the first track ‘Dawn FM’ when Jim Carrey says ‘enjoy another hour of commercial-free music’ we can hear “‘ree yourself’ and then on ‘Every Angel is Terrifying’ so we get commercial. Abel did not do it accidentally, he marked it on ‘Dawn FM’ to make us pay attention to it. Tell me that i am not the only one who thinks like that. Dawn FM is nearly done, and the After Life is coming guys!”

That’s a theory — that the trilogy started with After Hours and will likely end with an album called After Life — with which others on Twitter seem to agree, so check out some fan posts about it below.