The Weeknd Is Launching A New Coffee Line This Month And It Honors His Mother And Heritage

The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) has announced a new Samra Origins coffee brand through a partnership with Blue Bottle Coffee. Named after his mother, Samra, he intends to honor his Ethiopian heritage and the role coffee plays in the country.

“Ethiopian culture is an important part of my identity and I’m proud to work alongside the Blue Bottle Coffee team to shine a light on Ethiopian traditions, values, and of course, coffee,” Tesfaye shared in a press statement. “Growing up, I watched my mother perform Buna Tetu, a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. This sensory experience helped shape my understanding of community and taught me to always honor my roots.”

“Samra Origins is a true passion project of mine that Blue Bottle matched and understood as we developed the products together. I hope the result ignites curiosity about Ethiopia’s people and motivates others to give back to communities in need,” he added in a separate statement to Billboard.

Tesfaye and his mom worked with Blue Bottle’s head of innovation and quality, Benjamin Brewer, to taste and develop a specific, high-quality coffee flavor profile — including “fresh fruit and bright florals,” per the publication.

Blue Bottle Coffee will also be donating to his XO Huminatiarian Fund, which provides hunger assistance to those across the globe.

Fans will be able to buy limited-edition bags of Samra Origins for $65 starting next Tuesday (May 9). More information can be found here.