Tinashe’s ‘Nasty’ Is A Hit And She Reckons Her Former Label Is ‘Gagging’ Over It

After starting her career on RCA Records, Tinashe has gone the independent route for her latest releases. It’s working out pretty well, too: Her latest single, “Nasty,” is a TikTok favorite and one of the biggest hits of her career. Tinashe’s RCA years were filled with conflict, so she doesn’t seem to mind rubbing her success in their faces a little bit.

As a recent video shows, Tinashe was asked by a reporter, “Do you feel like RCA kind of dropped the ball when you were on their label? Because they couldn’t do it? You did it by yourself.” Tinashe responded, “You know? We just didn’t need them. All you need is hard work, good fans, talent. I know they’re gagging.”

The cameraperson also asked about what Tinashe has on the horizon, and she teased new music, remixes, a tour, and her upcoming album (she said BB/Angel, her 2023 project, but presumably misspoke and meant her upcoming album Quantum Baby).

Tinashe has previously spoken about her dissatisfaction with RCA, saying in a 2019 Billboard interview, “There were definitely ups and downs. I give them a lot of credit for helping me start out. […] My second album process just wasn’t as seamless as the first. I first announced it in 2015, right off the back of Aquarius. For whatever business reasons, it didn’t come out for the next three years. With that process of delaying the album, I felt really deflated as a creative. I was frustrated and helpless. I was over it and felt jaded.”