Westside Gunn’s ‘RIP Claire’ Tweet For The Woman From Griselda’s ‘WWCD’ Cover Caused Confusion On Twitter

The Buffalo woman featured on the cover of Griselda’s album WWCD has died, prompting an outbreak of #RIPClaire tweets that have caused confusion among users. According to Syracuse.com, Westside Gunn offered a heartfelt salute to Claire Melendez, aka “Claire Mel,” on Twitter, calling the well-known homeless hometown figure “My fav Buffalo kid. You’ll be Loved Forever.” Such was the group’s appreciation for the woman, they even named their 2022 tour after her.

He included the hashtag #RIPClaire, which was picked up by Griselda fans and trended on Twitter, prompting some users to express their confusion.

One Cosby Show fan seemed to think that the tweets were referring to Phylicia Rashad, who played the family’s matriarch, Claire Huxtable.

Others appeared to believe that the tweets might refer to actress Claire Danes, who as of this writing appears to be fine.

Tragically, still others associated the tweets with a 95-year-old Australian woman, Clare Nowland, who was tased to death by police.

However, Buffalo residents who knew the actual Melendez have been sharing some of their favorite memories, calling her “a Buffalo icon.” “Will never forget when all 4 wheels got stolen off of my car and I had to take the bus to work, Claire finessed 5 dollars out of me while I was waiting for the bus over on Elmwood then she cussed me out after I gave it to her,” remembered one Buffalo native.


As for Westside Gunn and the rest of his Griselda compatriots, they continue to truck along despite a few setbacks, although Gunn does have plans to retire at the end of 2023.