Why Was Lil Durk’s ‘Trenches’ Server On ‘GTA’ Removed?

Lil Durk’s OTF Grand Theft Auto (GTA) roleplaying server, the Trenches, will be shut down later this week in light of Rockstar Games publisher, Take-Two’s recent “enforcement policy.”

In a recent statement, Take-Two shared that while it supports using roleplay servers, it made it clear that “NFTs, crypto, loot boxes, and more have no home there.” The enforcement policy would be centered on the creation and sale of “loot boxes” in GTAV.

In gaming culture, a loot box refers to a consumable virtual item that can be redeemed for a randomized selection of other virtual items or loot.

Take-Two plans to take legal action against exchanging any cryptocurrency and “crypto assets,” including NFTs. “Making new games, stories, missions, or maps, or interfering with our official multiplayer or online services” could also result in legal action, the statement reads.

It’s only been a few months since the Chicago rapper announced his collaboration with the video gaming company this past September. With his Trenches server, Durk hosted a multitude of custom events and challenges for Grand Theft Auto players, as well as offering in-game items such as cars, houses, and more.

However, the items were only available for purchase through the OTF Gaming website hosted on Tebex — a webstore that allows the trade of virtual items.

Since the announcement, both Trenches and OTF have released a statement that Lil Durk’s GTAV RP server had been asked to “cease all operations” upon review by Take-Two and Rockstar.

“We’ve been notified by the legal counsel of Take-Two Interactive Inc., the parent company of Rockstar Games Inc.,” the statement reads. “We’ve been asked to cease all operations on Trenches. With heavy hearts, we received this news which is unfortunate for our team and, most importantly, for our community.”